04 emerging trends in ‘Employee Experience’ to negotiate in 2020


Business owners and decision-makers usually have a lot on their plates. Businesses always have a bundle of big and small challenges, like maintaining current standards and achieving futuristic growth. Or at least not to fade away.

We look at some of the critical futuristic problems that leaders need to address immediately in 2019, so they don’t remain challenges in 2020. More importantly, they need solutions.

The following are the four emerging trends of the current corporate cultures.

01) A shift from leader-centric to an employee-centric workplace environment

Less than 30% of managers strongly agree that someone at work encourages their development. - Harvard Business Review

The problem for enterprises is investing far too much energy on processes and goals. The voice & opinion of leaders also takes away too much attention. Attention to these dynamics is vital, no doubt. But what happens to your most valuable asset - your people? Bosses can’t take all the shots.

Believe it or not, organizations world over are quickly shifting strategies, making optimum use of the employee experience at the workplace and outside. Emphasis on people’s happiness & work satisfaction is giving way to age-old norms like targets and productivity theories. Strategies like employee rewards & recognition, flexibility, skill enhancement, and similar strategies have worked quite well in the corporate world.

If you still haven’t empowered your workforce, it’s time to act and become an employee-centric organization.

02) New-age technology for a smarter workplace

Do you know that global smart building technology spending is predicted to grow from $6.3 billion (2014) to $17.4 billion in 2019 - IDC Energy Insights.

Let’s face it. A lack of a smart workplace is the undercurrent of struggling businesses.

A smart environment is driven by new-age technology, replacing old/obsolete technologies or innovating on the existing ones. To feel the pulse of your people, corporates are using sensor technology, engagement tools, and taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) amongst other things. All this eases communication laterally & vertically, simplifying complex tasks, and improve productivity. Implement them and you’ll see a surge in the quality of employee experience.

Adopting smart technologies is no longer a choice, it’s a necessity to grow. It’s the anecdote for persisting problems of demotivation due to sluggish technologies.

03) How to drive engagement and streamline motivation of people

Only 19 % of employees are highly engaged within their organization. - Development Dimensions International

32% of employees prefer a morale boost, 27% love praise and recognition and 18% appreciate monetary awards. - Westminster College U.S (Motivational techniques for employees)

Punctuality rewards, weekend outings are all good, but in the master plan of ‘employee experience,’ these freebies are not enough. Yes, most leaders find them deeply important (and maybe even expensive), but they are not enough.

Motivation comes from deep innate feelings - where emotions scream out loud during interpersonal conversations. That motivation emerges in an environment of -

  • Career growth - that is meaningful and objective. Besides the paycheck, employees love to make a meaningful contribution to their organization.
  • Freedom at work - so employees feel autonomous. If micromanaged, employees feel choked and can easily turn resentful.
  • Collaborative decision-making - where opinions are encouraged and considered.
  • Gratitude - where acknowledgment, appreciation, and thanks are an everyday affair.

Moreover, factors like inclusivity, equal opportunities, and bias-free office culture can skyrocket the motivation of most employees.

04) Collate data & analytics and transform it into insights

"Employees who identified themselves as happy are productive 80 percent of the time at work. Those identified as unhappy were only productive 40 percent of the time." - American Business Magazine Research

The corporate world is mostly about metrics and numbers. The first challenge is how to collect valuable data about performance and sentiment. And once retrieved, how to comprehend this analysis into something valuable. More importantly, this data should be actionable, or else there is no point in even retrieving it.

  • How to get data: By floating surveys and conducting polls to generate an opinion in masses. Statistics can also be generated through automation devices like punch machine (for attendance) or engagement practices like goal-setting, samaritan-ship, and such useful methodologies.
  • What to do with analytics: This analytics should give you the pulse of individuals, teams, and departments. Once this insight is achieved, any gaps or shortcomings should be converted into actionable strategies.

The Endgame

There is no single strategy to enhance the employee experience at the workplace. But you get the bigger picture now. As leaders, it is your indispensable responsibility to transform the workplace for everyone’s benefit. Famous author and speaker Zig Ziglar quotes, "workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company."

An Optimized Solution

Integrating smart technologies in the business framework makes sense. There is no escaping if a business wants to grow. To improve this, Nature9 offers Zinbucks - a social recognition app for employees. Post-implementation, organizations have seen tangible improvement in employees’ moods because they feel more engaged. They feel appreciated, recognized, and included.

Zinbucks is a futuristic tool for the leadership that wants to grow and want their people to flourish in careers & life.