About Us

At Zinbucks, we help people leverage human & artificial intelligence for miraculous results.

Thousands chose our intelligent App and support services to move forward. Corporates, educational institutes, and business groups are using Zinbucks to simplify their complex social communication and use that energy on more meaningful endeavors.

Zinbucks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nature9 Consulting Pvt. Ltd. - a renowned Consulting & Technology enterprise. We are a value-driven organization focused on community, integrity, and operational excellence of the masses at large. To achieve this perspective, the company is innovating very handy Apps and support services to diligently harnessing human & technological capabilities. We offer an energetic work environment at our offices in the US and India, enriched with perks, incentives, and motivation.

We have developed Zinbucks app with the following in mind:

  • Automate Human Resource management
  • Simplify classroom attendance with face recognition capability
  • Ease the hiring, onboarding, and entire HR-cycle
  • Develop an appreciation culture
  • Develop engagement within the group
  • Manifest a rewarding culture

Zinbucks is our flagship development that allows an organization or a group to manage their day-to-day affairs with a simple touch on the screen. It is aimed to promote positive traits within the user group. It announces the value of the hard work generated by the user. Therefore, the app is recommended for the following groups:


The app allows the user to create a social profile and create a small user group of friends and family. It helps immensely to promote causes.


Best recommended for school, college or a training institute. It reminds students about classroom session, takes attendance, and keeps a track of future to-do.


Highly recommended for an organization with a large workforce. Culture to socialize, generate opinion (through polls) and collate response (through feedback).

Small & Micro Startups

Shop owners and local service providers can smartly use the app to engage their customers and expect to retain them on a long-term basis.

Our Mission Statement

Using technology to help create an environment of fair opportunities in a group, organization or sect and thereby promote inclusivity & equality.

Our Organizational Values

  • Work for the benefits of our community. Because, if the community gains, we stand to win too.
  • Create the right workplace environment for the right people – give them space to create, think and learn.
  • Aim at the Results by setting goals that are impartial, specific and yet challenge the skillset.
  • Create a workplace that offers an equal chance to everyone for succeeding in the professional domain.
  • Think from a long-term perspective and focus on the cumulative growth of employees, customers, and us.