Future of Work - AI using Robots or Humans

AI Trends

People at the workplace have shown more trust in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics than their human managers, reveals a study conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace. The study titled 'AI at Work' is aimed to measure the impact of AI on people who uses it the most.

The study conducted in six different languages included 8,370 employees, managers and HR leaders located in 10 different countries.

The Trust Factor

Workers globally trust robots over their managers
India - 89% | China - 88% | Japan - 76% | USA - 57% | UK - 54%

Overall, 64% of the worker’s trust AI to be more efficient than their human managers. That is a huge revelation. We can safely admit that AI transforms the relation between humans and technology.

"Managers will remain relevant in the future if they focus on being human and using their soft skills while leaving the technical skills and routine tasks to robots."

Dan Schawbel - Research Director at Future Workplace.

Workers believe that AI is better than managers, with 26% trusting that AI provides unbiased information. Nearly 30% of them feel that AI does a better job of problem-solving. More than one-third (34%) respondents say that robots fare better than managers when it comes to maintaining work schedules. Several workers, especially Accountants, feel that AI can manage budget more effectively. These numbers may seem small, but they are ever-growing when compared to the previous year.

82% of people think robots can do things better than their managers.

But AI is not always on top when it comes to certain specific tasks. 45% of respondents say that their managers are better at understanding their feelings. One-third of the workers trust that human managers are better at coaching them when compared to AI. 29% of the workers also feel that managers do a good job of developing a work culture.

AI has just started

The age of AI has only just started. It is yet to become a daily experience in the lives of ordinary people. Hence, leaders are calculative about the integration of AI into the work culture because it causes major disruptions.

Cautious business leaders need to take baby steps when it comes to AI implementation. Therefore, leveraging robotic culture at the workplace is done with a timid approach. But that is soon going to be history. The many benefits of AI technology are pushing organizations to inculcate AI into their daily affairs. Else, there is a chance of getting left behind.

The importance of 'performance due to people experience'

The engagement with AI is delivering a unique experience to its users. It allows people to manage things without significant human intervention. This unique people experience has changed the ways technology gets embedded in human culture. Especially the work culture.

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