How apps determine the balance in your new normal life.


Nonessential workplaces in the United States began shutting down in early March. What started in Wuhan China released a domino effect that gripped the entire globe. And it continues to do so. By staying and working from home, the corporate world is struggling to balance their lives.

But things are transforming. And mobile apps play a big part in it.

Think about it!

It’s difficult when work, house, and kids’ education happens from the same place. And remote working isn’t like what we thought of it. Your schedule can go helter-skelter, people around you nag you, and you are unable to take care of your loved ones and even yourself.

To sustain in this ‘bizarre new normal’ lifestyle we need to think fast as an enterprise and as individuals. A good approach is to use an appropriate app solution that can do the following:

Organize work

Set up with reminders, schedule alerts, and conference call alert.

Relay messages

Send instant messages to a big group or a selected few individuals in one click.

Manage Data

Able to send files and curate data in the backend.

Recognize people

Acknowledge good work when people put in their best efforts.

Reward people

Automated system to reward when people achieve their best.

This automated work process makes the journey of those employees better who wish for a workplace where engagements and tasks can be made easier.

If your organization is able to elevate the overall experience of the employees, it warrantees more engaged people who strive to deliver their best. Organizations that use mobile apps for this purpose tend to fare better.

At Zinbucks labs, we always explore new ways of making work-life balance work. This is why our mobile app is used by organizations as a simple tool to enhance engagement. A handy app that facilitates communication with employees, give them a platform for fun and most importantly optimizes their performance by using Artificial Intelligence technology.

As people work from home, Zinbucks ensures that their achievements are well recognized. And the managers are able to consolidate tasks and convey messages to the employees with ease. It’s a win-win for all the users at every possible touchpoint.