How automation can solve your R&R problem

How AI and automation

Have you ever met an employee who feels they are not appreciated for their hard work? It is a common story. And organizations that fail to appreciate & recognize their employees face issues like poor retention rate of employees and even low productivity.

The rewards & recognition (R&R) program solves some of these issues effectively.

But does R&R work? Will people fake performance to earn rewards? How to make a program effective? These are some of the important questions that are often raised.

It is desirable to have an unbiased program that has substance and serves its purpose. Hence, a simple automated R&R program (which works with minimum input) that recognizes employees based on their true performance is what a modern workplace all about. Even if people work from home.

Here are the reasons why people recognition is so important:

Morale booster

There is no doubt that recognition brings a great sense of achievement. It works magically on morale and makes a person feel more positive.

More efficiency

R&R increases motivation and drives people to do more. People go out of their comfort zone to perform high to get due recognition.

Identify high performers

It is always great to know who are the best performers in the team. R&R programs give a sneak peek of your most consistent players. They are ones whom you can count on.

Face Recognition

Team spirit

A culture of sharing recognition and getting rewarded for efforts makes up for a team of individuals that trust each other a lot. It's a great sign of a workplace with a positive spirit.

Corporate branding

When an organization enables meaningful R&R at the workplace, it automatically advertises itself through the employees. Your staff talks about the company everywhere and establish you as a brand.

R&R and Automation?

Yes! Automation is happening everywhere as we speak. Because it makes work simple. And R&R is no different. Automated rewards programs have been a success story of the last decade. What was previously a headache task to identify and reward talent is now worked upon with an automated rule system. You just define the parameters once and the automated system will deliver R&R by itself. And that too in a very personalized and pleasing manner.

Zinbucks R&R Capability

Zinbucks is a smart mobile app that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. One of its main features is to automate the rewards & recognition without much effort. An organization simply creates an account on Zinbucks, add their employees, and initiate a recognition program instantly. Start by digital badges, star ratings, and also let everyone appreciate a performance publicly with Thanks and Congrats. Gamify this whole experience by awarding points for these recognitions. In the end, the points can be redeemed for gift cards.

Find out how Zinbucks can help an enterprise automate their R&R.