How to use 'behavioral science' to your business advantage


To motivate people to take action is called ‘nudging’. Honestly, it’s poking, but done softly and politely. Several push messages and the pop-up you experience every day are nudges - that remind or motivate you to take a unique action. Psychologists around the world are working with programmers to get an upper hand in guessing people’s behavior (predictive analysis) and later, prompt them to take the next best action without restricting it.

Those, who can predict the future outcomes and streamline human thinking according to that, are turning out to be the winners. Ultimately, they are the ones who deliver the experience that people love.

The predictive analytics market size is expected to be worth $23.9 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 23.2%. (Grand View Research Inc.)


Psychology can predict human behavior, but making it actionable in a routine world is a challenge. Is there a way to encourage people to take specific actions, fully aware that they had such ability? All it takes is to stir their motivation.

Tech wizards took it upon themselves and to give rise to Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Natural Machine Learning (NLM) algorithms and whatnot. Psychological, sociology, anthropological, and economic trends are the pillars of this strategy.

In this new-found economy in 2020, best organizations manage the human experience in a more streamlined, smart, and mobile-friendly way.


Face Recognition

Prompts to act

Minimize cognitive bias

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Helps in making rational decisions


Many experts maintain that this disruption in behavioral alteration is a massive cultural shift in ways people work. Though there are organizations who fear that these radical changes to their existing work culture are a threat, it’s only a part of the bigger picture.

Smart leaders continuously find loopholes to harness the maximum potential they manage, without getting autocratic. Delivering a great experience through subtle behavior changes is their mantra.

Before we wrap up, it is important to know the components that affect BEHAVIOR.

  • Capability - It refers to the skill and the means to achieve something. Action can be anticipated only if there are capabilities to effect behavior change.
  • Desire - It is the motive or the will within an individual to do something. If there is no preexisting motivation in an action, it’ll be difficult to achieve the desired individual behavior.
  • Trigger - It is that emotional compelling that leads to a certain human behavior. Triggers can be natural (like an event or moment) or induced ones (motivation or will).


At Zinbucks tech lab, we work with a pool of experts from IT, Marketing, Data & Analytics, Psychology and more to trigger behavior changes that govern the market. Using a mobile platform we help our client organizations to bring experiential changes in people (customers, employees, and followers). We love to offer a super app experience where rewards, social recognition, and a wide spectrum of engagement initiatives would help you to nail your business goals.