How to turn your business into a brand experience


You run a business. You aim to win the trust and loyalty of people linked with the business. You know that loyalists are those people who drive your business and make you sustainable in the long run.

In this article, we’ll focus on how to propel your product or services by influencing people - your customer and employees.

People, who interact with your business, remember the experience. And business leaders, who’ll provide a soothing brand experience, step closer to the Forbes list.

Here are the best practices that every business - big or small - must accommodate:

Link with them emotionally

It is important to know that people’s feeling decides their emotional state. It is important to convey to customers that their well-being is most important. And your product/service needs an approach to address exactly that.

Ultimately, your business needs to deliver happiness - one of the strongest human emotion.

In today’s experience economy - this emotional bond is not limited to customers only. It spreads out to employees, followers, stakeholders, or anybody who has something to do with your brand.

Highlight the benefits offered

"What’s in it for me?" - customers always ask this or at least wonder.

Make sure to focus on the benefits that people get from you. This essentially means to find the best channels to reach out to your customers, and then display benefits that you offer. You may use the traditional advertising medium or newer social media to showcase the advantages of using your brand over others.

It is difficult to get people’s attention without telling them about the benefits of your product.

Use 'Engagement' as the tool to motivate

In this automation economy, a lot of experiments are conducted on engagement tactics. Yes, it’s a tool that businesses have used for long. But in today’s economy, organizations are trying to make buying-selling more fun. Gamification of experience and make it rewarding give people good reasons to keep coming back.

Personalized information or notices give your consumers a sense of engagement. And that’s the trick.

A report by CleverTap found out that for push notifications, 'Android have a click-through rate (CTR) of 4.06% and 1.7% for iOS users.' That is not bad at all. It’s well researched that Emojis, rich formats, tailored send timing, and personalized engagement can improve the users reaction rate.

Integrate the power of Social Media

Social media is the platform to influence. Positive influence is deep-rooted and it makes a user come back to you even if your competitor offers a better deal.

From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to TikTok, and YouTube to Tumblr - social media impact is larger and more meaningful than ever. With a personalized approach, social media can sway people, and turn them into loyalists.

Use data and be analytical

To rely on strong and meaningful data should be one of the highest priorities in your business model. Today, data to evaluate customer interaction (experience) and employee output (engagement) in real- time is available within seconds.

With this data, you have the power of valuable insights into your business process. You can detect people’s actions, figure out strong & weak areas of your process matrix, and root for the best strategy that begs implementation.

Adapt automation

All the strategies listed above rely on one big corporate transformation. That is, to automate different processes to save precious time, resources, & energy. But above all, automation gives accuracy and allows leaders to make decisions with conviction.

No wonder the experience of customers and employees is paramount. Their experience decides if your business will gallop like a horse or remain a tortoise.

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