How to build a workplace of smart people using smart technologies


How to strategize your organizational approach? And how to create a culture of a smart workplace and smarter people?

Smart is not limited to mobile phones. There is an umbrella of smart technologies & strategies that redefines the way you manage your daily operations along with the vast network of your people - your customer, employees, and followers.

Why Smart? Without a smart workplace ecosystem (using AI, IoT, VR, or AR), there is a definite loss of efficiency, compromise with human potential, and a dip in ROI. Whoever wants that?

A guideline to managing people and processes better and by creating an environment of engagement can help you.

So, first things first.

What are the baby steps to strategize your organizational approach?

  Step 01 - Goal Setting

Build a clear and succinct set of goals that are actionable, measurable, and scalable. Avoid making a grocery list of goals or by setting vague targets that are difficult to achieve and to quantify.

  Step 02 - Review the Situation

Carry an in-depth assessment of performance metrics, a SWOT analysis, and include a robust analysis of the market. Avoid short-sighted assessment about the available opportunities and potential risks.

  Step 03 -Building Strategies

After setting the goals and reviewing the situation, build explicit, specific, and decisive strategies with clarity of process flow. Give due consideration to available tools & technologies, possibilities & limitations, and expectations of people that matter.

  Step 04 - Gathering Resources

Plan the budget and resource (technology, people, and affiliated programs) to execute your Step-03. Set priorities that compliment your (I) organizational capabilities, (ii) are pro-people and accomplish all this using your (iii) marketing wisdom.

By following the steps above, you are all set to build a culture of high potential people and effective technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Bring people and technologies together.

For the competitive edge, it is crucial to leverage technology with your people, and vice versa. We won’t scratch on technologies part here. Instead, let’s talk of action-plan about people who are the real enablers of your plan. In this macro plan, their interest must remain one of your highest priority.

Empower them… give your people space to flourish, so that they can experiment with their potential. We recommend that you arm them with Zinbucks people engagement & experience tool and amplify their output.

With Zinbucks, you can:

Supervise expectations of your people and know what the key drivers to motivate them are.

Create transparency by removing hierarchical intrusions and publicize people’s contributions.

Get personal with them by sending & receiving direct feedback, and floating out opinion polls and surveys.

Deliver more than promised by awarding them with surprise gifts and recognizing them when they least expect.

Be there for them when things go wrong, especially when it’s about their personal lives.

In the End

Studies have indicated that your people and your technology are your primary resources to pay attention to. With the right strategies and robust technology, you can deliver a great experience to your people and convert that experience into high performance.