Managing human experience is more streamlined, smart, and mobile-friendly


2020 onwards, Experience Management (XM) is more capable and much easier to implement

We have moved on from the days of traditional marketing tactics to creating 'culture of experience.' To improve the experience of people influencing your business today is easier, more natural, and result-oriented.

But why capturing experience is desired in the corporate world?

And we need not explain the importance of good experience. An in-depth Deloitte study shows that "client-centric companies are 60% more profitable compared to companies not focused on the customer." So, there.

As we all ride the wave of Fourth Industrial Revolution - automation and digital autonomy are inseparable from corporate strategy. Pundits call it the ‘experience economy’ - pouring investment and resources to make it favorable.

At Zinbucks labs, we combined our expertise & research capability to innovate a product that influences people experience in a big way. It covers a spectrum of everyday experiences of your customers, employees, and of your product/service itself. We also found that the brand image develops organically owing to the combined experience of customers with products/services and employees of the workplace environment.

We cannot wait to tell you about the amazing capabilities of Zinbucks technology that can benefit any institute:

Streamlined Experience:

People’s journey in an economic framework is defined by the important touch-points of their emotional experience. Offering reasons for happiness and to acknowledge the value of their participation in your offerings makes all the difference.

It is important for organizations like yours to streamline this experience journey by making people’s experience more human-like and personal so they keep coming back for more.

Smart Technology:

Think of automation when you think of smart technologies. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence or NLP technology, you easily track the sentimental trends of people. You find out what they like or dislike, what captivates their attention, and what may drive them to stay with what you offer.

Using automation and technology transformation, one creates an experience that is highly personalized, stirs emotion, and influence an individual to the core.

The Power of Mobile:

A mobile device is a very personal space. A world within a world, where imagination & reality culminates. Experts maintain that penetrating the decision-making of a user is best achieved through a mobile platform. The sentimental impact here is profound.

With a personalized experience you can provide the user with what they want. Not an unwanted experience that doesn’t impact. AI can isolate that data for an organization and then deliver a personalized experience to an individual.

How we treat our customers is crucial.

A study by Accenture reveals that 48% of consumers expect specialized treatment for being a good customer. If you want to grow then it is impossible to ignore such sentiment of your customers. Customers are special people, and they deserve unique treatment for the trust and loyalty they have spent on your business.

Zinbucks Advantage

Zinbucks experience management platform is mobile-friendly and very easy to use. No special training is needed to learn to manage people’s experiences.

Most importantly, the app accelerates the throughput rate of message delivery. Sentiments pour out naturally in people and that can be maneuvered to motivate people towards positive. This sets the workplace culture that any good organizations yearn for.