Why customer engagement should be your high priority


This article explains why the customer engagement strategy should be one of your highest priorities. And how to manifest such an approach.

Your customer engagement strategy aims to motivate customers to stay in touch and to share their experiences with your brand or business. Your strategy should nurture innovative technologies. It must address the ways where customers become sentimentally attached and loyal to your brand.

We recommend the following strategies to improve your customer engagement:

Using social media impact

The role of the internet in our personal, social, and commercial life is enormous. It is more than we’ve ever experienced. The social networking platforms, better known as social media, is deep-rooted in the global economy and also in our personal lives.

Social media makes it easy to market your product/services on a shoestring budget. It makes engagement and communication effective. Eventually, you can build relations with your audience individually (a known limitation in traditional media). Social media also makes it easy to offer special deals, exclusive benefits, and advertise promos that eventually attract more followers.

Focus on branding

Due to its profound impact, creating a brand identity is vital for an organization. It affects the way how people perceive your organization. Moreover, these efforts create new opportunities, elevate brand awareness, improve values, and gives brand recognition.

Once established, a brand has the power to drive profits northward and generate new customers frequently. More people recommend an established brand to their friends. Organic word-of-mouth advertising happens by itself. At the same time, people who work for your organization feel proud. They cherish working for a brand that is widely recognized and recommended by the masses.

Shower bonus and rewards

Your customers love freebies. Everyone loves something more than they expect. Throwing a special purchase offer or a ‘weekend-only discount’ can drive sales. More importantly, it engages customers to do more than just buying. This is also a great time to connect with customers, ask for their feedback, and gauge their sentiment.

For an example, offer your customers a 15% discount code on their next purchase. Offer them an incentive if they submit feedback. Offer them something they cannot refuse. It is a reliable strategy to prompt customers to keep coming back.

Make customer satisfaction your priority

Coherent customer services with a high level of satisfaction becomes the crux of customer engagement. Alongside the quality of products and services, excellence in customer service plays an important role in helping customers build relationships with a brand, which is a vital ingredient for engagement.

Organizations who aim for excellence in customer service harvests more profit. In the end, this action builds a reliable customer base, who is also loyal and authentic.

One in three consumers (32%) in the USA and 49% in Latin America say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.

PwC Report

Relationship with your brand advocates

You must list out your prized customers - the ones who keep coming back to buy your services. They are the real advocates of your brand and they’re happy to engage with your services. These customers are your true brand supporters. They make your brand go viral. And they even support you when your chips are down.

It is your organizational responsibility to build and maintain a relationship with your advocates. Speak to them personally or use social media platform to stay in touch. Making your advocates feel special should be your integrated customer engagement strategy.

How to make engagement simple and effective?

Automation is one of the simplest way to concentrate your customer engagement efforts. Zinbucks mobile app is designed for Apple and Android devices to accomplish all the actions mentioned above in this article. Our AI-powered platform brings you and your customers on a common stage for the exchange of ideas, opinions, feedback, and much more. In the end, you deliver a superlative experience that become the backbone of your customer engagement strategy.