How to make Events easier to run with more human connection?

How to organize and run events through a mobile app

We step into a new age of events with all sorts of restrictions due to COVID-19. But there are always moments of celebrations in life that gives us reasons to celebrate. To keep these moments alive during COVID times Event Planners like you can turn to the power of the mobile app to make events more powerful and engaging.

Any event takes places in few different stages. A lot happens between the build-up stage to its conclusion. Event organizers can streamline this flow by bringing in an event management mobile app as a touchpoint between the host participants.

Let’s look at some practical ways to make your event celebration successful by connecting better with participants.

Onboard experience

This is the first stage of interaction with the future participants of any event. Start by sending an invitation to join the event. An invitation can be sent via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or QR code. Give participant a one-click option to register and participate. They love when onboarding is not fussy.

Nudge experience

Once you bring in your participants to a virtual platform (mobile app), you are one on one with them. Make sure you don’t bombard them with useless messages and promos that can well irritate them. And you cannot go silent as well. Use the mobile app to send a subtle reminder to users about the event. There has to be a middle path.

Keep participants updated with important dates, live performances, or other major happenings. Send them a reminder whenever they get tagged or mentioned by other members. Keep this experience personalized yet global. Egg them to participate in quizzes or be part of surveys.

Reward experience

Events usually mean competition and prizes. And even if there is no direct reward, people feel rewarded when they feel good about the event. In your event, plan different types of games and competitions that drive users to come back for more. Bind these actions with another reward system such as giving coins or points every time a user hits like or comment. These small rewards are highly gratifying. Help people win award points and do shopping online. Allow people to share their gift points with friends and family and spread happiness all over. For events like college fests, or award night, the final award means a lot. This rewards experience can be easily drilled down using an event planner software designed for this task.

Post-event experience

After the award night is done, you can conclude the event by sending a thank you note. However, you can stay in touch with participants in future through your app. Keep sending them interesting posts and activities to stay engaged. This kind of post-event experience adds wonder to the overall event management feeling.

How to achieve event success

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