How to increase employee engagement at your workplace in 2020-21


The engagement of employees was one of the highest challenges for HR professionals in 2019. UK based Cascade HR is into HR-automation. Their 2019 study shows that nearly 40% of HR professionals picked engagement as their number problem. The problems of recruitment (37%) and retention (36%) follow closely.

So, what can your organization do in 2020-21 to reduce this stress? In this article we shed light on some of the best practices for HR professionals they must adapt:

Recognize employees

Encouraging words like ‘well done’ or ‘great job’ means a world to employees. Recognition is the primary motivational drive that let employees perform to their max. Let’s say, people are hungry for praise or motivation. Dish it out to them. Performance rewards, acknowledging unique skills, and celebrating collaborative success are the best ways to recognize your employees.

Empathize with people

It’s important to show employees that you care for them. Only then will they care about their work. By understanding your employees, it is possible to know what matters to them (at work and in personal life). Knowing their likes & dislikes, career goals, etc., and act accordingly is the correct way to display empathy.

Employee well-being

A well-being program is highly recommended. Discussing the importance of diet, sleep, and working-out with employees is useful. Employees can also be trained to detect signs of burnout in themselves and others. Take the services of counselors who can improve the mental and physical well-being of employees. In the end, you have more stable, healthier and happier employees to work with.

Skill development

To stay on top, employees need to develop their skills on a continual basis. HR professionals should identify the need for training as a key step to keeping employees engaged. Enhance employee skills with appropriate training programs, achieve better productivity, and keep them glued to their career goals.

Socialize more

Social interactions with colleagues are a high priority for the employees. Unfortunately, they are unable to interact as much as they would like to. Organizations need to introduce a work environment where employees can freely socialize. Begin with a weekend fun activity. Pick an activity that employees would love to pursue. A movie, theme park visit, or a day’s outing improves socializing.


In this gig-economy, the employer and the employee find comfort with the flexible work culture. 3/4 of employees claim they produce more when working from home. There can be a lack of motivation or a feeling of isolation working from home. Therefore, organizations need to create an environment where employees are comfortable and productivity or quality is not compromised.

Power to the people

It is so important to trust the capabilities of your employees. If you show faith in them, they’ll be aspired to take new challenges and feel responsible for their output. Give employees the authority to accomplish their tasks in a manner that suits them most. No need to micromanage employees.

There are many things that you can do as an organization. In this digital age, use an employee engagement and experience app that boosts employee engagement. In 2020, implement some of the suggestions given above in this article to benefit your employees and your organization.