Many benefits of a fruitful Employee Value Proposition strategy


Providing EVP is a win-win organizational tactic to enter the hearts of your people.

The undercurrent of any successful business lies in its strategy of winning peoples’ heart. Be it their customer or their employees. And to gain the confidence of your employees is the mantra for prolonged success.

Organizations that focus on the welfare of its employee need to project themselves as a brand that offers value in exchange for the employee’s effort. Therefore, more than 75% of job aspirants emphasize on the company brand than the actual core job. They are conscious of what a certain brand can offer.

"87% of employees value learning and personal development the most."

EVP in a nutshell

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a package of benefits received by employees in an organization. These are the unique benefits that are value-driven and excludes the take-home salary. More importantly, it’s these values that employees seek at their workplace. Recognition at work, health benefits, pension plans, etc. are some of the key values for the benefit of employees.

The Brand & Employee

Business leaders need to understand what their staff and potential employees have to say about their company brand and culture. Consider these questions:

  • Why your employees stay with you? Or why they leave?
  • Do the employees trust that your organization is unique?
  • What are those propositions that your people value?

Questions like the ones above are necessary for the leaders to confront and act. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing out the top talent and deal with decreased performance.

"A staggering 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job."

For organizations, it pays to be unique

The core of introducing value-driven benefits is to motivate people and inspire them for higher performance. Here, EVP must be relevant, attractive and beneficial in the long run. When incorporated adequately across the business spectrum, an EVP strategy helps attract bright candidates and also retain the high-performers. This uniqueness gives organizations a high ROI in the long run.

Why it matters

The essence of the relationship between the employer and employee has changed drastically in the last decade. It’s not just the employers who are on the lookout for skills and quality in employees. The workplace environment and conditions are now the key components that decide where a person decides to work. It’s the values that determine a persons’ decision to work or not work in an organization. Hence, EVP becomes very important.

Why EVP becomes necessary

EVP becomes crucial to all businesses today. As the corporate world blossoms, workers have more choices for jobs than there were ever before. In other words, people get spoilt for choices, aka., jobs. They want to work for organizations that offer better working conditions, more perks and a lot of respect & love.

Dealing with such a complex approach requires tools & technology, along with human intelligence. Zinbucks is an
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