Safe Check-in App for hybrid and live events

Solutions for better event management and increased participation

Social distancing is suggested as one of the reliable safety protocol during public gatherings. We are still on the hunt for COVID-19 origin and any reliable verdict on it looks out of the question. But this strange crisis has proven to be horrible for the event management sector.

If you’re an event planner then you can throw aside all of this and just focus on strategies for the future that'll help you thrive in these difficult times. There have been out-of-the-box ideas that got traction. And now these tailor-made solutions are helping event planners like you in a very hybrid sense.

Zinbucks mobile app is based on the idea of making venue check-in swift and reliable. It’s an integral part of its Best event management software to make virtual and physical events more engaging. Here are some of the ways to make check-in swift and safe

Face recognition

Install a kiosk at the venue gate and allow only pre-registered people to check in. Elevate the level of safety and make sure that only eligible participants can enter your venue. Such a system is reliable for secured events where an invitation is mandatory.

QR Code

Release a QR code and let participants scan and check in to your event fast. It’s the simplest way to let everyone enjoy your events without the tedious registration and ticketing process. Simply scan and enter.

Early check-in

Send your participants a link in advance to allow auto check-in in advance. This way you’ll have a list of registered users and you can allow them an instant check-in without further questioning.

How can you benefit?

You are in a great position to save $ and achieve accuracy by using the Zinbucks venue check-in system.

Transform the experience

Achieve 5x timer faster check-in using Face Identification. Make your venue secured and attendance accurate. Best recommended for live events, weddings, conference, gyms, schools, etc.

Get data & insights

Use accurate data to calculate your actual ROI. Measure user participation rate with data-driven insights. Analyse these trends and take appropriate action to improve your services.

Understand Your User

Know your user better with a Check-in system. Engage them with welcome messages and prior reminders about the event. Deliver an experience that makes participants feel important.