INSIGHTS: The event management industry has been hit hard by COVID-19

INSIGHTS: The event management industry has been hit hard by COVID-19

The event management sector has taken the real brunt of COVD-19. The industry suffered consequences of the lockdown and restrictions and has taken the hit. The start of 2021 looked brought promises and things started to happen - weddings, conference, and shows. The event management sector was coming back on track. But this new wave of restrictions has brought the situation back to square one.

Anwar Pallikkal is the president of the Confederation of Event and Entertainment Management Kerala (India). “Last year, nearly 2,000 event management companies in the state had to shut shop due to the pandemic and more than 5,000 people in the sector switched to other jobs. Just when we could see some light at the end of the tunnel, new curbs are here,” he said.

The numbers are staggering. For event organizers, there is little scope out there. In the last few months, there has been an advent of event planner software that are capable of hosting events virtually. So while the restrictions are on, the virtual event becomes the second-best option. Some emerging mobile apps offer a sublime virtual experience of events with moderate success.

Across the world, it’s a season of weddings. But the event management companies have been cancelling these engagements because of government orders. Kishore Das of Eve Experience has suffered badly due to this situation. Few events that were due got cancelled He is now forced to cut down his staff number. He is clueless about how to manage the crisis due to the restrictions on the number of guests.

How to face the challenge?

While a lot of things are practically impossible to do when it comes to events, there are few ways to offer a different hybrid experience of an event. Online app for events was already a part of the overall experience in the past. They are now reformed to host events online via video conference, regular notifications, and with a culture of gratitude.

For some events that are allowed to happen physically (like a wedding with limited guests), events apps like Zinbucks can give them a hybrid experience for the attendees. Those who are unable to take part can enjoy the best moments of an event on their mobile app.