07 Things to consider before selecting your event management software

Must-have features of an event planner mobile app

The concept of an event planner system is based on an integrated technology that simplifies the entire process of event management. This platform must have easy to use features for registration, promos, check-in, attendance, awards, and closure. The whole experience should be smooth and user-friendly with a special emphasis on aesthetic values.

If you have plans to organize conferences, tradeshows, college fests, convocations, or small workshops, then consider event management software in your arsenal. Take the right step that helps you design perfect events. And while you are at it, make sure that you select the best event planner that meets your need and expectations.

Here are the seven things and some tips to consider before you select an event planner app.

1. Identify what you need

First and foremost, figure what you need in an app that would make your job easy. A full-fledged app comes with hundreds of features and not all of them are useful for you. Based on your needs, you can pick and choose features and pay only for what you need.

2. Ability to promote events

Ensure that the platform you select has the ability to promote events powerfully, especially in this world of digital participants. So only adapt the software if it has those must-have features that address YOUR events needs.

3. The cost factor

You have to select a planner based on your budget and needs. This will ultimately decide which event planner software is the optimum choice. Again, depending on your expectations, you have to strategize your investment for a planner.

4. Strong platform

Large events often mean a large number of platform users. This can sometimes turn into a load issue and the servers get overwhelmed. Speak to your app company that you cannot compromise with it in the process of event organization.

5. User-friendliness

A friendly and smooth experience of the event for you and your participants is a must. There is strictly no compromise with the user experience. It sets the tone of how people feel about the event.

6. Performance & reliability

Make sure to carry a deep analysis of the software that you have selected to purchase. Test it several times and ensure that it is reliable and won’t let you down when you actually use it. The software must be reliable when your event peaks.

7. Available support

Make sure that the app company offers first-rated support on how to use the product. Sometimes, the event planner software is complicated and not designed for the everyday user. So make sure you have the promise of 24x7 support when you buy a planner.

Available Event Management Apps

While there are many apps in the market, Zinbucks app for events is liked by corporates and institutes. With hundreds of successful events signed off, the app has made great strides in helping the event planners to deliver memorable times for participants. It is a great app to consider when it comes to event planning.