How to organize and run events through a mobile app

How to organize and run events through a mobile app

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our strategy about how we do things. For event organizers, this comes as a big shock. Because events were successful only when people participate physically. The need for social distancing means people participation is driven by other methods.

Event planners across the globe quickly identified this bottleneck. They are surely updated with the latest solutions aka a mobile event app.

The most used technologies by event planners are photobooths (45%), event apps (44%) and live streaming tools (44%).

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What is an event app?

An event management app is a platform to broadcast your event to audiences. The app can be used to run an event end-to-end. It could be a college fest or for corporate event management. What the event app does is to assist your attendees with all the relevant info about the event with the digital process for people to participate easily.

What can an event app achieve?

Events can be of many different types and every event is unique. However, a standard event is likely to inculcate all these steps:

  • Registration - The first step in driving participation and attract registration. And the ability to register people easily for your event. A robust event app must be able to achieve this.
  • Updates & alerts - The app can easily broadcast message to the audience and advertise the event progress. This ensures that participants stay abreast with every update.
  • Check-in - A good event app allows check-in using face-ID or QR-code at the venue. This ensures the smooth flow of the event and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.
  • Results announcement - Announce winners of the competitions LIVE. This works great for college festival events or similar programs where results are awaited by participants.
  • Streaming - You can broadcast your ceremony LIVE using an event app. The streaming gives your participants a sublime experience of the event even from a remote location.
  • Rewards & recognition - Easily declare results and award the winners in real-time. Your event app can accomplish this in an interactive manner that people will love.

Which are the good event apps?

There are a few good apps that can easily manage all the above requirements with relative ease. But above are just a few examples. A smart app will do much more than what we can cover in this blog. In recent years, people across the globe have trusted the amazing features of the Zinbucks app that has helped many colleges and organizations to host their events smoothly. So whether it’s a virtual event or a ground event for 20,000 people. Zinbucks gives that ease to flawlessly pull of the event with great success.