How to thrive in an economy of human experiences


How a fusion of ‘experiences and process innovation’ is a game-changer for your business success

Your business growth is governed by the consumers of your offerings (products & services). Success is also governed by you consuming people’s expectations - once you listen to what they say.

In simple words - "deliver an experience that they’ll love."

How experiences become important

The influence of human experience is massive. In this automation age and a tightrope economy, your customers, employees, and partners have more choices and even higher expectations. Never before in the global trade environment, the need to create pleasant experience was so dire. To attract (and retain) people’s loyalty, organizations face one of their greatest challenges. That is, to offer satisfying experiences.

The experience economy is expected to be worth $11-15 billion by 2023-24

Hence, delivering a world-class user experience is the latest fad, and soon will be the new enterprise norm. More importantly, to create that soothing experience becomes the responsibility of an entire organization, not just your customer-facing team. And to focus on the new generation of users, such as millennials and GenZ, is primarily important.

78% of millennials chose to spend money based on their experiences

Find opportunities in challenges

By putting forth a personalized and emotional framework of the business catalog, organizations like yours can attract a big chunk of the untapped market. Delivering an intelligent experience will make up for happy customers and satisfied employees. And your partners and associates will crack smiles more often.

Transformation of experience

By acquiring deep insights, you can deploy innovative business models that fit your needs. A user-focused digital strategy combined with a soothing User Interface (UI) amplifies the experience.

Consider this 3-step strategy to mitigate the challenge of delivering a smooth user experience:

1. Place the user first

Transformation starts with the identification of user expectations. A thorough analysis using reliable data metrics and a quantitative approach gives you a base to begin the transformation. Please make efforts to recognize the touchpoints in the entire experience lifecycle and make it count.

2. Breaking traditional silos

Rise above from the traditional processes and bring your teams to work together. Let your team brainstorm together and learn together. This unified insight develops new and better ways of working. Unshackle from the silos, let the information transmit across teams and individuals to create a smart workplace.

3. Evaluate and anticipate

With appropriate data, you can measure the need of users. It is the key to predict what your users love. Now you’re in a perfect position to anticipate what is expected out of you. By using innovative technologies like AI, NLM, and AR based on behavioral science, you can bridge the gap between expectations and delivery.

This is where Zinbucks help

We developed a people experience cloud platform to help enterprises better identify who their consumers are and how they interact with their brands.

We bring together data & analytics, artificial intelligence, and a well-thought foresight to recognize key traits about the experiences of people you deal with. With our mobile app Zinbucks, a customized personal experience ensures that people feel connected and thrive.