How to extract the X-data and sync with your O-data


In recent years Experience Management (XM) has emerged as the driving force behind corporate success. Because XM is a new thing, many big players haven’t yet considered it in their strategic approach.

In laypersons language, XM is detecting and measuring every interaction that people encounter with an enterprise. By understanding what people feel, organizations can gather their focus and strategies, and begin a change that transforms the organizational relationship with customers and employees. It’s about getting data about people’s experience and aligning it with your organizational trends. An XM tool helps you accomplish it.

In this article, we offer an overview of Experience and discuss its various aspects that corporate leaders will find important.

The importance of Data

Data is the backbone and its economic significance is invaluable. A reliable XM tool provides unique data about people who have some sort of experience with your organization. It’s called the X-data. It is the measurement of human sentiments at various touchpoints. Measuring the quality of feelings.

And as you go forward, merge your X-data with your regular organizational data (O-data) like performance, behavior, etc. So now you have a comprehensive picture of your business.

New game, new roles

In the last few years, more and more organizations created new positions like Chief Experience Officer, People’s Manager, Customer Experience Personal, and so on. These are the brains who’re responsible for understanding the feelings of people that matter. Within their roles, they’ll understand the customer’s mood, detect the motivation level of employees, and even identify opportunities to improve the overall experience quality of people.

A Customer Experience Management survey by research firm Gartner in 2019 shows that 90% of the world’s biggest companies now have a chief experience officer (CXO) or chief customer officer (CCO), up from 65% in 2017. Having dedicated resources to address people’s experience is evident in corporate strategies.

The growth of Experience Management

Businesses are beginning to understand the importance of people’s experience. With the continuing trends, the worldwide customer experience management market is poised to reach USD 23.91 billion by 2026. Between 2019 and 2026, XM is expected to yield an annual growth of 18-19%.

This growth is due to the expansion of digitization to improve customer experience. A number of new technologies, especially the AI-powered experience, are making easier to organize your XM strategy. Cloud computing and automation is also making it easier to enhance the customer experience.

Leap forward with Zinbucks

Zinbucks deliver optimized solutions for business of any size, type, or vertical. If your business includes customers and employees, you have a lot to win by using the Zinbucks XM app.

The apps engagement flow uses Artificial Intelligence, animation, graphics, videos, sound, and text together to create a unique user experience. The following are the key features of Zinbucks:

  • The real-time data & analytics provide deep insights about your users’ experience.
  • The Face ID Attendance System accurately takes people's attendance in seconds using a camera.
  • The HR Management makes it easy to recruit, onboard an employee, and keep them engaged.
  • The app rewards and recognize people for their performance or good etiquette.
  • The award points can be redeemed for e-Gifts & Card on the app or for gifting to others.
  • The app makes it easy to conduct polls and surveys to understand opinions and sentiments.

In the end, it’s about experience data. Zinbucks gives you that core X-data to know and deliver what your people want.