Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Zinbucks.

General Questions:

What is Zinbucks?

Zinbucks is a social recognition & employee engagement platform. Zinbucks is used by individuals and businesses all over the world to appreciate their friends, colleagues, mentors or even strangers who helped them at any stage of life.

Why Zinbucks?

Our motto is - Do Good. Feel Good. Do More.
Thanks is the most simple and positive expression which can motivate you and everyone around you to do good. This will help build a culture of appreciation, which will increase the positive quotient and productivity of the enterprise and society.

How does Zinbucks work?

It is very simple. There is no setup required for Personal accounts. Follow the steps to signup for Zinbucks personal account -

  • Step 1: Download and install Zinbucks application on your iOS or Android device. Click here to download.
  • Step 2: Signup using your phone number.
  • Step 3: Import your contacts and start appreciating...
For more details on how to send thanks click here.

Does my friend also need a Zinbucks account to receive appreciation?

If your friend does not have a Zinbucks account, he/she will get a notification that someone has expressed thanks to them, along with a link to install the application. They need to install the application to see the details of the thanks.

What is the difference between Personal and Business accounts?

Zinbucks personal account is for all individuals to use for free and start appreciating their friends, family and personal contacts. To know more about the personal account, click here.

Zinbucks Business account is for organizations to set-up personalized version of Zinbucks application for their employees. The business account offers private space for an organization to offer awards, personalize gifts, create events, promote causes and much more. To know more about the business account, click here.

What is the difference between Profile points and Gifts points?

Profile points are the points that you accumulate based on how people appreciate you. These points keep on growing and represent the impact you are creating on the society.

Gift points are for you to redeem and purchase gifts. These are gifted/donated/awarded to an individual by other individuals or the businesses to appreciate their employees or promote causes.

Business/Enterprise Plan Questions:

How can I onboard a new organization/group on Zinbucks?

Zinbucks business plans offer a self-service platform to control and customize Zinbucks for your own business. Here is a list of items you can do with the self-service platform -

  • Create a new organization.
  • Customize organization profile and branding.
  • Manage Employees
  • Manage Employee designations and roles
  • Manage appreciation icons by employee and designation
  • Manage Gifts and Gift points
  • Monitor employee engagement and activity
  • and much more...
To get more details and to see a demo of our admin panel, click here.

How does an employee/member join an enterprise account?

This depends on the type of authentication mode defined while creating an organization/enterprise account. Currently, Zinbucks supports the following modes of authentication -

  1. PhoneNumber - This type of authentication requires Organization Admin to add the phone number of each employee/member into the organization using the self-service platform. In this mode, the employee is automatically added to the organization as soon as he activates his account using his/her phone number.
  2. OpenToken - This type of authentication requires an employee to go to "Zinbucks App -> Settings -> Add or Edit Group/Company" and enter the specific "OpenToken" selected by the Admin. This token is shared with the employees or members personally via a separate communication channel.
  3. PhoneNumber OR OpenToken - This type of authentication requires either employee/member "PhoneNumber" or "OpenToken," i.e., either admin can add the employee/member phone number on the Admin panel, or share the OpenToken with the employee/member.
  4. PhoneNumber AND OpenToken - This type of authentication is most secured and requires both authentication factors, i.e., "PhoneNumber" AND "OpenToken".

Can I customize the awards, icons, gifts offered to my employees?

Yes, awards, icons and gifts can be managed using our self-service platform. Refer to the above questions to get more details about the self-service platform.

What kind of Gifts are offered by the platform?

Zinbucks offers a wide range of gifts and gift cards on the platform. Gifts cover all categories like eCommerce, apparel, electronics, movies, travel, etc. Custom branded gifts can also be added by organizations.
Gift and Giftcards vary depending on your city and country. Signup on Zinbucks to know more details about the gifts available for your location.

What kind of complimentary gifts are offered to Business Pro and Advanced users?

Organizations can offer customized and complementary gifts to their employees based on their requirements.
As a promotional event, Zinbucks is currently offering gifts on following occasions to all Business Pro and Advanced users -

  • Employee Birthday
  • Employee 5, 10, 25 years anniversary
  • Employee of the month Award
  • Employee of the year Award

How can I trust Zinbucks to share my private information?

Zinbucks is built on a robust security framework that ensures no compromise on the safety and privacy of your content. Zinbucks retains all the servers in industry-leading Tier II, SSAE 16 compliant co-location facilities, and all communications are AES-256 bit encrypted.

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