INSIGHTS: The future of corporate events during COVID-19 | Planning your next program

How to organize and run events through a mobile app

A bundle of activities and events is the core of any business. Meetings, conferences, team outings, etc., gives the life to process. However, COVID-19 has brought an end to many of these essential activities. But human brilliance has always found unique ways to overcome obstacles.

A big shift is on virtual meets via Zoom, Skype, GoogleMeet, and other platforms. People are able to bridge the distances by having face-to-face organic discussions via live video. Sure. there is a lack of personal touch out there, but important decisions can be taken or disputes can be resolved with great effect.

But these video conferences have little impact if there are too many participants. Say, you have to organize a virtual seminar of directors and stakeholders. Can a Zoom meet link be enough to drive an event of that magnitude? Perhaps not.

How to plan an event, drive participation, engage users, host the event, and conclude - it’s a lot on your plate.

Hybrid events work alright

Jessie States is the director at Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the largest meetings and event industry association worldwide. “As leaders in our industry and with great deference to our destination and venue partners, our first choice is to postpone and reschedule as many of our in-person meetings as possible,” says States. “For those meetings whose business purpose is so immediate that postponement is detrimental, we have made the pivot to digital experiences,” she says.

The mobile experience no one is talking about

In comes, the mobile experience to achieve concepts never tried before. Orchestrated by an event planner software in the background, there are mobile apps that have given a new lease to the corporate world when they must host their events.

A company recently hosted its silver jubilee ceremony via a mobile app. For an entire week, before the ceremony day, the employees working from home were asked to ease up the work. They showered surprise games over the mobile app that kept them all excited. Gift points were rewarded for their participation in every game they play or every activity they do. In the end, a virtual award night was a fitting way to conclude an event attended by 7,500+ people virtually. Employees received their gifts through home delivery as the award night was going on. Industry experts call it a milestone event.

Events on App

A mobile phone is a personal space of every individual. It’s everything they want to work with - plan, connect, do things, work-from-home, and do much more. There is no denying this now. Bringing events like corporate festivals or seminars on a mobile app is the perfect way to connect with the participants/audience, experts agree.

In recent years, event management software like Zinbucks has given organizations the ability to host and promote events with success. This also means a massive reduction in cost to organize the whole event. Automation and rule-based event preparation drastically reduces the cost. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly and highly personalized experience. This is the single biggest advantage of using events platforms like Zinbucks.