How to become ready for the future of work?


What is the future of work?

No one knows that exactly, but at Zinbucks labs, we are good at guessing about the next best practices in the near future.

On the one hand, we have a new crop of consumers who must be served with the fresh and the latest (such as millennials). On the other hand, there is the Gen-X and Gen-Y who feels over-consumed and may want to stay conservative (but they’re the top spenders). There’s no one size that fits all. Neither are your strategies.

So, where do we go from here? How to pull out a strategy and make your work more productive in the present and for the future?

Here are some great starting points to become future-ready:

  Forget advertising, start influencing

The traditional advertising is limited by its platform and has limited potential to grab people’s attention. On the other hand, influencing a consumer works in the long run.

A consumer checks out the brand rating and read reviews of other people before making a decision to buy. This influence is clearly visible on social media and on platforms where brands get reviewed.

In simple words, - people should speak positively about your product/service. That vibe influences more people to try you out.

  Your automation should be scalable

Don’t just bask on a particular technology. Instead, adapt to new innovations that are going to simplify the process so that you’re extra productive at work.

We know that technologies get obsolete, sometimes within a matter of days. Rather than helping, they may become a burden on your performance.

It’s wise to implement technologies that can be easily scaled in the future without causing disruption to the existing processes.

  More smart work than hard work

It means one needs to optimize tasks at the macro as well as micro-level. Include things that must be done and swiftly remove the redundant ones.

Use technologies like Artificial Intelligence and implement automation tools to do work smartly. For example, a chatbot can be tuned to answer common customer questions before it filters out their precise need. Later on, a real agent can take over the issue.

That’s working smart.

  Upgrade skills through training

In this supercharged economy, technology and skills often get downgraded. It makes sense to adapt to new skills rather than avoid using it.

Let your people take training so they upgrade their skills and help to scale production. You don’t necessarily have to hire new talent to address your technology need. Instead, train a resource to accomplish that task.

Great organizations like Accenture and IBM are very good at doing exactly that. So why don’t you?


  • People's experience is of key importance if you want to grow
  • Adapting technologies should be the norm to remain competitive.
  • Training to build new skills is mandatory. It’s not an option.
  • To influence customers is several folds better than advertising to them.


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