How AI boosts the Reward & Recognition Program

Ai Boosts

Machine Intelligence evaluates ‘employee performance' better than humans

Why are organizations struggling with attrition despite their best intentions? A recent report by Gallup State of the Global Workplace indicates that nearly 85% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work. More workers are planning to job-hop inside two years of starting a job. That should scare any entrepreneur and also their HR wing.

Most employees quit their job because they feel they aren’t thanked or appreciated enough for the hard work they put in. Clearly, it is not about money anymore. Employees craves for a pat on the back or even a thank you for simple good performance or action. A report by Grand View Research states that enterprises are spending $40 billion annually on wellness programs for employees. This investment will cross $90 billion by 2026.

So, what creates a viable office culture? It is still believed that workplace culture grows organically - through how people act out naturally. Yes, that’s true. But if thoughtful planning about culture is not addressed, then employee efficiency & output is going to be below expectations. So, what is it that improves output and keeps the performance bar high?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact

The methodology of machine learning, better known as Artificial Intelligence, is making life easy for enterprises. What seemed like an improbable target some years ago is now achievable with bare minimum effort. Thanks to AI. The algorithm defined in AI apps is able to evaluate and predict behavior, auto-detect traits (punctuality, innovation) and suggest the next-best-action. For corporates, AI is the go-to solution to simplify the Reward & Recognition (R&R) structure in their work culture.

How the AI Revolution streamlines R&R

The largest contribution of AI is the way in which gratitude is expressed in office culture. Appreciation from the superiors and acknowledgment from colleagues means a world for anyone. Moreover, getting rewards for the right actions or team contribution is a morale booster.

Getting Recognized - The small and big contribution that an employee makes must be accountable. Good deeds must not be ignored or forgotten. An AI app such as Zinbucks is automated to recognize good deeds like punctuality, innovativeness, and being a good Samaritan. Whenever a good performance is identified, the AI platform becomes the perfect hangout to shout- out and congratulate so everyone can notice.

Getting Rewarded - Entrepreneurs realized that merely recognizing good performance is not enough. Offering rewards for those good deeds is almost mandatory. It is the key to keep people motivated and strive for more. Each good performance can be awarded points, which an employee can accumulate and later redeem them for the things he/she wants to buy. Amazon e-vouchers, gift cards, and discount offers are great ways to reward deserving candidates.

To Be Innovative Matters

For entrepreneurs, innovations in the corporate world to optimize performance and simplify tasks are inevitable. That's why corporates are persistent in offering a congenial workplace so their employees can thrive. Innovative apps like Ideal, Leena, WorkHuman, etc. are making sure that the workplace where efforts are appreciated and good performance gets rewarded. More engagement, instant feedback makes Artificial Intelligence technology is a big boon for enterprises & institutes who wants to do things better.

Workplace culture can make or break an organization, simply because of its ability to hire and retain high performing individuals.

Zinbucks by Nature9 is the answer to the woes of enterprises that are struggling to derive maximum out of their employees. This AI app ensures that the R&R program is executed without bias or partiality - the atypical problem with human intervention. Rest assured, Zinbucks will do what us humans have struggled to do. It will offer the value & respect to individuals & teams who are eventually creating the company culture.