How to engage & connect better with your event participants

Solutions for better event management and increased participation

Are you an event organizer who is unable to generate enough engagement from the participants? To connect with your audience directly and persuade them to join in is the core of your event. And if this part is missing then the chances of success drops down dramatically.

Prerna Sood is the co-founder of Zinbucks. “We went through tons of data to interpret why an event is successful or not. Our analysis revealed that engagement factor was lagging in most cases,” she says. The good news is, “event companies can easily bring their participants together to drive your event and makes it a success. It’s just a matter of connecting with them,” she adds.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into how some event management mobile apps are empowering organizers like you to take simple actions that yield big result. Apps like Zinbucks and AIDA successfully turn their passive participants into the active audience.

Here are some authentic ways to connect with your audience using event organizer platforms. These are simple yet effective ideas to nudge or motivate them

Newsfeed - or events feed

This is the most straightforward approach to keep your audience informed. Use public posts using the mobile app about important event dates, the highlights of the show and bits of information about every aspect of the future event. Treat your app platform as a newsfeed that users read in personalized settings.

Polls - getting an opinion

A poll is the most reliable way to know public opinion. By taking few quick polls through your mobile app, it is easy to understand what people want. Feedback, survey and polls will give you the power to know the sentiments of your participants. Once you know that you’re in a better position to deliver an impactful event.

Personal or group email

Email sounds old-school, but it is the safest way to reach participants without irritating them. You see, under certain circumstances sending push alerts or SMS push people away from you rather than engaging them. To overcome this, send personalized emails to your audience and allow them to access the information when they feel comfortable.

Push, SMS as nudges

Sometimes nudges can drive people away, but most of the time they are very motivating. When you want participants to register or take part in a contest, or announce the winner’s list, the nudge in form of an SMS or an app push alert will make the user click on them. If done well, push alerts can be the game-changer for the success of your event.

Active engagement

Allow your participants to actively take part in whatever happens at the event. Whenever an announcement is made all the other users can like, share or comment on the post. Just like Facebook and Instagram. More likes mean more popularity that paves the path to success for your event.

All the action items we’ve cited above are within your easy reach. Today’s digital capabilities are immense and all you have to do is tap into them. A smart event management platform driven by AI and machine learning will allow you to connect better with participants and engage them from start to end.