06 ways to improve the experience of your walk-in customers


In this article, we focus on the face-to-face experience between a customer and the staff. In many businesses, especially small to mid-size enterprises, facing customers is a crux of business success. It is necessary to deliver a smooth client experience, so they keep coming back.

Let’s say the nature of your business is based on direct client interaction. Some good examples are - megastore, gymnasium, hospital, and hotels. Here, the customer interaction is the mainstay, and making them happy is your key milestone.

Agile organizations develop a client-facing team that taps customer’s sentiments and remain steadfast to deliver them the business value.

"Customers don't buy products or services, they buy EXPERIENCE."

What is a good strategy to transform this very important business touch-point?

Investing efforts to deliver pleasant customer experience is a good starting point. This means a transformation in how staff delivers services and how customers perceive it.

Here are the six essential tips to strengthen relations between your client and staff:

Ease of doing business

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Give them the flexibility and convenience so they are happy to use your offerings.

Ease of navigating your products/services, payment flexibility (using different payment modes), and fast checkout are some of the practices that influence the way your customer thinks about you.

Being organized

Be conscientious and always be up on your toes. From start to end, make sure that the customer’s influence is not negative.

This could happen if your team is not organized. Ignoring a customer or their needs, disrespecting their time, and being impolite shows that you’re team is not organized.

Listen to your customers

When customers say something, listen to them. They give useful suggestions that help you improve the standards and make purchasing simple for them.

Customer opinion is useful data to restrategize your service standards and inch closer to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Communication platform

Providing your customers with an easy-to-use communication platform is a must. Our new economy is so much about receiving good ratings for your services (which is the feedback actually).

New (potential) customers review what other customers say about you. The rely on the feedback of others. Deliver good services, let customers say it loud (with good ratings) and you’re good to go.

Rewarding loyalty

Show gratitude to your customers, especially when they repeat business. Introduce a loyalty program to thank them for their business. Freebies, special discounts, and free home delivery are some of the loyalty rewards to consider.

The same is true for your employees. Reward them for their hard work and dedication whenever they deliver a good performance.

Social recognition

This happens at two levels - for customers and your employees.

People love recognition on a societal level. To get appreciated in a community boosts their morale. So always thank your customers and recognize them for their loyalty. In other words - delight them!

Moreover, recognize and appreciate your employees to add the cherry on the top.

In addition to the above, make sure your client-servicing staff:

  • Deliver fast service, especially when the customer request is time-sensitive.
  • Go that extra mile to satisfy, because "a satisfied customer tells at least three friends, whereas an angry customer tells 3,000!" (Pete Blackshaw)
  • Correct their mistakes when customers tell them to do, even if it means amendment in the policy.
  • Make efforts to know their customers personally to make them feel important and valued.

"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves."
- Steve Jobs

How to inculcate these steps in your business strategy?

Automation is the answer to these prevailing issues. Using digital platforms and to harness the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality tremendously reduces this burden on your mind.

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