The new normal in the workspace


Our corporate world is a dynamic ecosystem of rules, opportunities, and the will to excel. Individual tasks and responsibilities are carved to match their skills and capabilities. In other words, a job role is highly optimized, specific, and result-oriented.

In the mid of 2020, global commerce has experienced a recession like never imagined before. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to go on a sabbatical unless they conceive ‘new normal’ way of work. To manage sustainable operations, organizations have to work on new strategies to make things work.

In this article, we explore some simple but useful ways towards new ways of work and make work better.

More engagement via work

It doesn’t matter if people work from home, resort, or office desk, they need a sense of engagement. In other words, their output needs to be valued. Every small is task is important at the enterprise level. People performing those tasks must enjoy that. Tasks that make people occupied and consumed are actually signs of engagement.

By using rewards & recognition or performance matrix, more engagement at work is possible. Smart organizations continuously explore new ways to make work more engaging.

Transformed the experience

The feeling of an employee at the workplace and beyond is the cumulative experience. Whether there is a work-home balance, are employees healthy, and do they enjoy their work? These are critical questions arising at the workplace when it comes to the human experience.

Today, data and analytic tools make you capable of quantifying the real satisfaction quotient of your employees. It also highlights the areas that need process change to induce a change in people’s experience.

More sense of ownership

Empower your employees with more ownership. And this is not at all the same as overloading them with work. In fact, more ownership means employees extended proximity to the business that you run. In true sense, ownership comes when your employees feel deeply about customer experience, product quality, and brand image. They will take pride in the companies achievements and accept criticism when things are not right.

By showing trust in your employees and assigning them tasks of high importance are some ways for increasing individuals ownership.

Set achievable milestones

Goals for an Individual, a team, and for the organization is something that keeps you going for more. When your entire workforce strives to achieve the milestone, progress is faster and more assured. Set actionable goals like;, (i) increase to X no. of employees by year-end; (ii) achieve 25% grown within one financial year; (iii) touch the lives of your employees family; (iv) start a new branch in 18-months.

These are just examples. However, they are practical examples of how companies set their milestone in order to record growth.

The use of (right) technology

All the above actions can be worked out in black & white by using appropriate technology. The accuracy of technologies like, big data science, and IoT is helping organizations to explore the real sentiments of their people that drives people towards meaningful and better work. These tools & technologies help you optimize the responsibilities and expectations of the individual and teams.

The Bottom-line

Organizations have swiftly realized that adapting technology and new frameworks to enable work is the only way forward. AI, Cryptocurrency, IoT, and data & analytics have carved new and better ways of performing tasks. Apps like Zinbucks have inculcated these new advanced technologies in one cute app with an enriched user experienced. Learn how Zinbucks is tapping into the future of work from home.