Getting along with millennials in workplaces


Workplaces are accustomed to seeing generation tides in the office. But for many, the new generation, that of the Millennials are almost an alien species with little or nothing in common with earlier generations of the workforce, given their apparent lack of motivation and reduced dedication to working anywhere for a significant amount of time, the millennials are not easy to tame or satisfy.

With each new generation adapting to changes are necessary. But how well is your company adapting to fit the millennial generation into your workplace?
Let’s look at the current statistics to help you evaluate your company’s current methods, how to adapt with Millennials and inspire them:

  • Only 40% of Millennials feel strongly connected to their company’s mission and 60% are open to a different job. Staggeringly only 29% are engaged at work.
  • What these statistics show is insufficient workplace culture and current way of obtaining talented Millennials. It’s vital to understand who they are and what they want, they will make up to 60% of the global workforce. In other words, desires and expectation are not being met today.
  • 67% of Millennials will be engaged at work if they strongly agree the mission or purpose of their company makes them feel their job is important
  • 87% say development is important in a job. And if 29% of the Millennials are engaged at work, just what is missing in today’s workplace?

Millennials are known as job-hopping generation. But they are also the most technologically connected generation yet, and have a fluid connection with their devices and apps. So, how do you inspire or keep your talented millennial employee? There are few ways to hire, inspire, and keep your Millennial.



Asking a Millennial about his plans for his/her future is probably one of the hardest questions they are going to answer. A Millennial usually jumps ship if their employer lacks opportunities for them. Millennials are born as opportunity seekers, every hiring manager must set opportunities and help each millennial understand that opportunity.

Provide staff with short term milestones to reach long term goals. Remind them of where they are currently and help them develop to reach those opportunities. Millennials and Generation Z expect fast returns on investment. In the real world, that doesn’t happen often. Remind them of the steps they are taking to reach the mountain.

Zinbucks is the perfect solution for employees looking to do this in a modern, convenient and large scale manner. Through the Zinbucks app and platform, setting those milestones, celebrating each milestone to help them see and feel instant gratification and a sense of achievement is now easier than ever.



Millennials want feedback but won’t ask for it. According to studies, only 19% of millennials claims they receive routine feedback. The reason millennials won’t ask for feedback is simply because they have high expectations and are overachievers. They are constantly sprinting for results and existing feedback system is too long of a process, it’s not helpful and a waste of time. Your company can perform one on one feedback or with the whole group to help encourage each other to grow and be transparent with one another.

While feedback is important, emphasizing where they are currently and how you can help them get to the next level is the key. Providing short and instant feedback is crucial is today’s fast paced society.

Even If your company does not have several opportunities for your employees, you can implement a Recognition and Rewards program with Zinbucks.
Zinbucks provides a robust and easy to use Rewards and Recognition system that enables effective feedback and recognition not only from superiors but peers and colleagues as well. This provides instant recognition and gratification.
They can comb through the list and level of achievements as well to gamify their engagement with the company, this encourages everyone to participate, create friendly competition, and compliments your Millennials hard work.

Retaining Millennial Employees


As explored earlier, millennials have a distinct need to find happiness in their job and this happiness can be sourced from a variety of areas such as, a great workplace environment, avenues for personal and professional development and even by appealing to their social responsibility by offering them ways to get involved in corporate social responsibility.
The Zinbucks app has all these areas covered, with its Rewards and Recognition system, appreciation and open communication among colleagues make a great first step towards a great work environment while also providing employees with a transparent way to track their progress in the company.

The Zinbucks app’s social causes feature is aimed at millennials who want to give back to society with easy ways to organize and execute CSR projects even independently of the organization.

So stop worrying about what the future holds and where the next generation is headed! Providing them with the tools and the environment to flourish will give you and your organization the edge to succeed and take your organization to the next level