How to achieve People Engagement and amplify the ‘experience’


The quality of social engagement that people experience in their day to day life is one of the important factors for their well-being. It is the primary catalyst to induce motivation in people and let them create values.

How people engage

People are interacting and engaging everywhere, every second. And every single touchpoint of an engagement forms a personal & social experience. There are a few ways to understand this ‘engagement to experience’ cycle:

Employers with employees:

Several hours of a day get spent at workplaces. Leaders are continually engaging with their employees. Messages get communicated, and feedback worked upon. Good work is appreciated and often rewarded. These are some of the touchpoints at the workplace. The employers have to provide their employees with an engaging platform to boost productivity.

A recent survey shows that 67% of employees are simply not engaged, or they are highly disengaged. Same thing. Another study reveals that organizations with highly engaged people culture will achieve 19.2% growth in annual operating income. Who doesn’t want that?

An organization with customers:

Organizations that value customer satisfaction is keen to build engagement network with them. This engagement practice is beneficial to get their feedback and useful suggestions to improve the level of services and improve the quality of the product.

Four out of five top drivers of member satisfaction and engagement are related to the experience (‘Bond Brand Loyalty’ survey)

Groups with their audience:

Whether an educational institute, an NGO, or even a local retail store - the need to develop engagement practices is essential to build trust with people that matter most. Keeping people updated with news & notification, having an ear for feedback, etc., are some of the notable benefits.

Challenges in people engagement

Engagement is easier said than done. No matter how hard one tries, capturing the attention of people is difficult. For a social group or organization, if people don’t feel engaged, they are likely to perform below par. And that’s the challenge that all of us face. Especially for organizations, where having engaged people is the vital factor to success.

The benefits of people engagement

‘People engagement’ occurs at different levels and in varied platforms. If done correctly, its advantages are something that leaders do not want to miss. When the group owner is clear what people engagement is, the same is to be used to gain an advantage over their competition.

The right platform for people engagement

Finding the right platform to achieve people’s involvement is the first important step in that direction. In this digital era, there is an overabundance of applications that helps people engagement. Big brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have created their niche as leaders of the pack in social engagement.

The right solution

Zinbucks social engagement platform was developed in 2018 as the means to bring people together. The concept of the app is to recognize people for their good deeds. People can thank and appreciate one another, send and receive awards, post updates, and amplify their engagement via Zinbucks. No wonder, Zinbucks is helping organizations and groups in building a network of people where they all flourish together.