4 useful secrets to increase people engagement


Research firm Gallup found that 67% of American workers are disengaged. Another 18% are ‘actively’ disengaged. That makes 17 out of 20 disengaged people. Gallup estimated that nearly $7 trillion is lost in productivity, which is more than the combined GDP of Germany and India.

The corporate world needs to sober-up.

But first, it’s essential to know the depth of engagement before starting to fix strategies. And once known, how to strategize and achieve maximum engagement within work culture. The will to explore the answers to these questions is the perfect starting point to manage people better.

What is engagement?

It is the practice where people feel included, appraised, and yields an output that is of value. When a person consciously and willingly participates in the affairs, s/he is engaged.

Engagement means the emotional sincerity of an individual towards their employers. Their commitment goes beyond salaries and perks. Engaged people are the ones who care about the values and purpose of their organization.

Happiness and satisfaction are the results of an individual who is engaged.

Here are the #4 secrets to increase engagement:

# Create a sense of purpose

Individuals that feel a sense of purpose have a lively interest in their work. They are the people that stay longer with their organization, develop an alliance with colleagues, and consistently rise on the growth chart.

Defining purpose is not easy either. Individuals will have different meanings based on their hierarchy. During the performance review or the feedback session, leaders can ask people about their rewarding and the awkward moments, and why they were so. Also, a simple question like ‘define success according to you?’ can reveal a lot.

# Leadership should have sympathy

We know that people don’t leave a job; they leave bosses. On the flip-side, inspiring leaders will motivate employees to work with commitment, creating an atmosphere of engagement.

Leaders should be available for their people, especially when they need them. A leader must be genuine and offer a candid opinion. He must be unbiased to discourage a toxic work culture. And most importantly, he must display empathy.

# Encourage a culture of creativity

The desire to innovate is a force that knows no boundary. And this desire to invent & innovate is also the formula for building a creative culture.

To foster people engagement, leadership should have strategies. Consider these scenarios; (I) Friday lunch with the company director, (ii) recreational zones to de-stress, (iii) weekend group outings. These are creative cultural initiatives that employees look forward to. They find quality time to engage with their peers and leadership. It drives their motivation to new heights.

# Harness technology to remain fresh

Tech-ability is the most important secret. Always look-out for the technologies that make work interesting. Introduce the tools that reward people for their efforts (AI makes this simple). Never miss an opportunity to recognize people - because it means a world to them.

Smartphone tools like Zinbucks elevate people engagement and greatly improves their experience at the workplace.

Return and review the engagement plans

Always stay on top of the engagement practices that are implemented. If forgotten, they won't be sustainable. Remember, engagement and experience of people at the workplace can be the difference between the average and high performance.

Keep the technology and process in the loop, look for the loopholes, and find ways to improve or upgrade these engagement practices. These are the handpicked secrets of people engagement and corporate success.