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#1 Preschool Management Software in the US

Yes, you heard that right! The world of open-source software allows you to explore unique programs for a facility like yours. But there is also the conundrum of having too many of them. That makes it hard to decide the right preschool management program that meets your expectations and needs.

Let’s face it - it takes patience and a high level of energy to manage preschools. Parents expect nothing less than best when it comes to kids. To ensure kids are having a good time in preschool and their parents are happy should be your #1 goal. In 2021, more and more preschools are going digital. Learning, fun, and engagement happen over apps. There is no question of getting left out.

The disruption in preschool

Be it COVID, the hunger for digital platforms or the ease of doing things - the experience of parents, kids, and teachers is vastly different, come 2021.

If your preschool is not doing the following then you’re missing a trick.

  • Learning is A/V based and available on apps/computer
  • Parent-teacher-admin communication is mostly digital
  • Fee payment and invoice is done online
  • Events and programs are set up digitally
  • Real-time performance summary and analysis is trackable
  • Fast-paced surveys and opinions take place to improve services

So there is a lot on your plate. A fitting preschool software can help you adjust with this change. Zinbucks app is the answer to all your preschool problems.

What does Zinbucks offer to a preschool like yours?

Zinbucks - the daycare center software - is the favorite program of the futuristic preschools. A number of features available in this program are not to be seen anywhere else. Here are the most eminent features of Zinbucks:

  • The face-ID check-in and check-out is a highly advanced feature that amplifies the safety of kids on an unparalleled level.
  • Automates your fee management. Easily generate fees, send alerts to parents, and let them make digital payments.
  • Digital profiles of kids and parents with the opportunity to network with fellow parents and teachers.
  • Send progress reports of kids, their progress certificates and even rewards for all the good achievements.
  • Send learning modules, assignments and homework for kids when they are away from school.
  • Broadcast major alerts and notifications. Keep parents & teachers in loop.
  • Manage new admissions through touchless digital enrollment process.

This preschool management app is the answer to all your queries. And it is absolutely free to start. So get registered and get going.