7 ways to work like a pro from home


On 11th March 2020, the WHO declared Coronavirus as a pandemic. Almost immediately, a vast number of organizations stopped operations or tried working from home.

In a state of uncertainty, 'teleworking' comes as a surprise change for large masses across the world. Although several nations in the world offer "flexible workplace" opportunities, the work from culture is an unexpected situation for the most.

"In 2019, about 7% of employees in the US had access to a flexible workplace. A 2017 research unfolds that 23% Danes and 21% Dutch worked from home several times in a month. In Sweden, that WFH graph is 18%."

However, for the vast majority, working from home is now a necessity. Here are 7 ways to work like a pro from home:

1. No compromise with routine.

Escape from the usual early morning rush doesn't mean the routine life goes off-guard. Make sure to wake up at your normal time, take shower, and get dressed. Remain seated in front of your workstation like the routine 9-5 shift. Sneaking inside the blanket with a laptop is hardly productive.

2. Workstation like in the office.

At home, you must work on table and chair akin to office. It should be a place at home that is least trespassed by others. You have to plan it well because it's so necessary. Sitting in an office like posture keeps you alert, leading to higher productivity.

3. But move around also.

Sitting all day is difficult. At home, it is easier for you to stand and stretch regularly. Keep the blood flowing. The extra time saving from not commuting means you can give time to some fitness regime.

4. Don't just get locked in.

Physical distancing means some of us would just lock ourselves in the room. Staying absolutely indoors is not good either. Make sure you keep windows open for fresh air and sunlight. Take walks in the terrace and do some gardening if possible.

5. No distancing with colleagues.

Keep a livewire atmosphere like in office by talking to colleagues regularly. Conversations on Skype, Invision, phone calls with a little friendly office banter is necessary. Update your to-do items and share with your manager. Also, update your work status by EoD.

6. Avoid multi-tasking.

It might tempt you to go to the kitchen and fix a little snack during work. Or you might think that the laundry and muted conference call can go hand-in-hand. But it is not recommended. Dedicate work hours to work only, like in the office. Yes, a 2-min break to stretch and grab cookies is ok. But no distractions.

7. Managing kids and yourself.

This could be the toughest challenge for many work-from-home pros. If your kids are tantrum creators then you had. So be prepared. Meditate and create a belief in yourself. Stay calm when pressed and realise and accept the challenges of domestic life.

Virtual Smartness

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