The big shift in attendance management

shift in attendance management

Do you know how do educational institutes feel about taking student attendance?

Studies reveal that they are not satisfied. Why? Because it is a tedious process, saps a lot of energy & resource, and still can be inaccurate.

"Educational and other institutes are often irritated by traditional attendance processes."

Alyn Smith - Faculty

One of the research paper shows that in a typical educational institute, 400-500 hours of teachers and more than 4000-hours of student time is lost monthly due to a sluggish attendance. This exercise cost institutes $ 1000’s in financial loss.

The situation begs for a change in attendance taking system.

Setting up a new attendance system makes sense only if it achieves measurable and scalable performance. Hence, the face identification attendance system is an optimal solution.

Any typical institute seeks the following outcomes by introducing facial recognition ‘attendance management technology’ in their academia.

Save time and resources

Completes attendance within seconds using a smartphone or camera. Waste no time or resource to find absentees or low attendees. This new technology will do it for you. Learn how.

Reliable and accurate data

The technology is robust, offering precise and dependable data like never before. Expect your attendance data to be over 99% accurate with this system.

Real-time analytics for meaningful insights

Staff & students get access to auto-generated attendance data in real-time on your smartphone. The college administration can optimize this insight into useful strategies.

AI-powered attendance management system

"99.9% accuracy metric changes the efficiency levels at our University. Our administration is mighty pleased with this Zinbucks app"

Punjab Engineering College

Easy integration with the existing process

The attendance technology can merge seamlessly with your current biometric attendance database. In most scenarios, integration is quick and straightforward.

Enhance security, avoid attendance fraud

Attendance fraud gets eliminated from the equation through this automated process - providing a nuisance-free classroom atmosphere.

Easy integration with technology you already have

Zinbucks is the world’s first AI-powered attendance platform for schools & colleges having a futuristic vision. It works on deep learning technology to give you the edge in managing institutional affairs. The technique is foolproof and reliable.

Ultimately, it serves as a transparent and accurate attendance management system that is easily scalable. It is the ultimate big shift in the way how institutes are managing their attendance taking processes.

We hope this information is useful. If you want to incorporate this technology or want to understand more about it, then speaking to an expert would be beneficial.