How to make people engagement simple?

engagement and progress

Engagement is highly desired; however, difficult to achieve. Organizations around the globe make multifaceted efforts to encourage people participation - employees in their work, customers with products/services.

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.
(Gallup Poll)

Some of the practices to make engagement simple:

Generating the right feedback

Organizations often make the mistake of conducting irrelevant surveys. And people expect action to follow-up. Often, it is impossible for organizations to act-on these feedback results in irritated customers.

Surveys need to be specific. They should address a cause and follow-up with an action plan.

Define realistic goals

Having realistic goals make engagement simple. For employees, goals that can be achieved instead of impossible goals. With customers, encourage their engagement by giving realistic rewards rather than fake promises.

Establish an effective platform for engagement

Engagement of people can’t be just in theory. Boardroom meetings need to go a step ahead and create a platform that allows people to make use of it organically. Active participation without force is the true form of engagement. And practical tools are crucial to let people engage.

A fully engaged customer generates 24% more revenue than the average customer.


As an organization, never leave a chance to appreciate people. It’s your way of giving back to employees, customers, and followers who take time to participate. Saying thank you to people have a profound emotional impact.

Surprise and delight

Unexpected surprises always delight people. A gift that is least expected is much more effective than assured gifts or bonuses. A personalized handwritten note from the manager to employee or customer support to customer delights them profoundly.

Ask and listen

Always find ways to ask people how they like things to be. Employees can voice their opinion for an improved workplace environment. Let an employee express how can they surpass their past performance. Customers can suggest improvements in the products/services they receive.

These simple steps make the engagement of people simple. And technology can make it more effective. People engagement app Zinbucks is an AI-powered social engagement platform that helps organizations to propel organic engagement in ways never experienced before.