The ‘Rocket Science’ behind employee engagement


If you don’t give employees a compelling reason to stay, they’ll find another job that does.

Workplace engagement is about so much more than having happy employees and it goes far beyond job satisfaction. An engaged employee has an emotional commitment to your organization and its goals and gives a greater amount of discretionary effort to their work.

Employee engagement is a vitally important yet often overlooked aspect that is essential to the overall success of your business as well as its people. Having highly engaged employees can transform your company from within, boosting productivity and innovation. It is also fundamental to staff retention and creating a dynamic, industrious working environment.

Whether you have a very small workforce or a huge one, it remains a critical task that you keep your employees engaged. And my simple approach to this challenge is to adapt the “Stakeholder” mentality. Sell your dreams to each employee, share your humble background, make them part of the present and future of the business; and more importantly make them a stakeholder. There are lot many instances when Employee engagement in the past has lead to greater productivity and a sustainable workforce.

How to Engage Employees?

There is a growing number of employee engagement tools out there, but the approaches they take tend to overcomplicate the issues, fail to focus on what really matters, and are cumbersome, which means they don’t deliver lasting results.

If you’ve tried to implement employee engagement strategies in the past, you likely know what we mean. Maybe you sent an annual survey, one which took ages to agree upon and produce, took more time for everyone to complete, and ate yet more time in sifting through the responses and figuring out what to do about them.

That’s stressful.

If you were thinking “There has to be an easier way!” – You were right!

We think raising your employee engagement level is relatively simple – no mysterious alchemy required.

While searching through the most effective and seamless ways of employee engagement, Zinbucks App is the right answer. We usually ignore the hard-work put in by our employees in making tasks successful and meeting deadlines. We consider it a part of their job and it remains unnoticed. But, appreciating anyone can do wonders.

Yes! Recognizing the efforts of your employees can go a long way. Appreciating employees make them feel motivated, encouraged, which can consequently drive them to work even harder.

‘Zinbucks’ is just a new and modern way to say Thanks. Zinbucks is designed to help you perform one of the most common tasks of a day with the press of a button. Every single day you thank someone for something whether it’s a favour or whether they made you smile, there are countless reasons which would make you want to thank someone and Zinbucks is an app that makes all of that easy.

You thank people every single day for anything, whether they’re your clients, your parents, your siblings or whoever. While normally saying thank you to anyone may take some time and would require you to make effort whether it’s in person or over the phone, the Zinbucks app gets rid of all that hassle and makes thanking anyone you want seem like the easiest thing you can do.

Not only this, the app also enables you to send gifts and points to your employees which may then be redeemed later on.

The Zinbucks platform will help you strengthen your relationships with your employees, clients, family and friends, while simultaneously promoting health benefits correlated with mindfulness and happiness. A proven method to boost your mood is to recognize small things you're thankful for and to start documenting them.

The best part about the Zinbucks app is that every message you send is protected so the only people who will be able to see your messages will be the people you’d like to show them to. No anonymous person will be able to see your messages so they’ll only be viewed by those whom you want to show to.

So step ahead, express gratitude to one person every hour from the time you wake up and see the magic happening until you sleep!