How to add thrill to your events despite COVID restrictions?

How to add thrill to your events despite COVID restrictions?

So most events in your calendar are cancelled or postponed? The restrictions around the globe on public gathering and social distancing mean no more traditional events and fests for the time being.

While this goes on, do you still want to go ahead with the planned events instead of calling them off? Do you want to organize them differently? If you’re an event planner or an amateur who wants to plan an event, you now have avenues to overcome these limitations in new ways.

Take this example - there is the wedding of your client. Or it’s someone in your family. A special moment, but no guests or gathering allowed. Only limited people. Take this entire wedding experience over a mobile app where all the relatives, friends can participate (albeit virtually) and feel the same joy.

An event planner software will set it up for you so easily. Nothing can stop you from making your event brim with thrill & excitement.

Start with an Invitation

An app allows you to relay your wedding invitation in any style or form you desire. A 3D graphic image or an invitation video? You can do it as creatively as you want. When people view this out-of-the-box invitation it’ll be hard to curb one’s excitement about this grand event happenings.

Stream Live Events

Go live cam and stream all the important moments for the participants. Is it Mehendi or Fera time? Simply fire a link on the app wall and let everyone join live. While this goes on, you can schedule push alerts or even SMS to motivate more people to join while it’s happening.

Sending Icons & badges

Your event may last for a while. While this goes on, you can send unique icons or badges to people for appreciating or motivating them. People love getting icons like ‘Thanks’ and ‘I’m Grateful’. While your participants are on the app, they can also send badges to their friends. It sets up the tempo.

A Gift-store for Presents

People can send gifts, bouquets, cakes and gift-card to anyone they want. During a virtual wedding, guests and friends can send a giftcard, flower bouquet or cake to the couple as a present. No need to think hard about what to give. just browse the giftstore, select the items and send it as a gift to the newlyweds.

Monetary Awards

Reach the pinnacle of thrill when you award the event participants with reward points. Whenever the participant take an action, such as upload a post, like a post, or comments, they get rewards points automatically. These points can be used for sending the gifts mentioned above.

Apps for Event Management

Few apps are modeled to host events online. However, none of them has a wide range of features that can generate thrill & excitement of the scale that could match the event itself had it not been restriction times. Zinbucks is the #1 mobile app that works as your best event planner management software and provide creative ways to connect with your audience. For an organizer like you, it is a self-service platform to add new life to your virtual events.