Importance of work culture during tough times like COVID


What is it like working in a difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic? There is also a wave of civil unrest going across the USA, Europe, and Oceania. These events trigger panic in the corporate world. Since lockdown came in force, work-from-home quickly turned to the new normal. But this new work dynamic is indicating a key shift from our present work culture. And something is not right.

Is there a cost to this change?

People are in stress mode. This is largely due to the fear of COVID-19 and people’s new ways of adjusting to work. Staying home, manage family and doing office work at the same time is turning things into a spin. And one of the most noticeable shifts observed is the loss in productivity.

What’s also shifting today is the way employees adjust to this new culture of work. And this is impacting their mental and physical well-being.

In this article, we look at some of the concerning factors:

The journey from appreciation to motivation is missing

Every leader, CEO, or Manager understand the importance of appreciation. Rewards & recognition makes people highly gratified and happy. This motivates people to do things better. As we are unable to meet in person, recognition and appreciation is at an all-time low and becoming increasingly difficult for the leaders to manage.

In simple words - for a business, employees journey from appreciation to motivation is the key differentiation between moderate and bumper sale.

The absence of gratitude culture

On a day-to-day basis, people walk into the office and meet each other. There is an organic culture of gratitude when people display gratitude to each other. This culture of courteousness is missing when people work from home. A report by Plasticitylabs reveals that “88% of employees reported that expressing gratitude to colleagues makes them feel happy and fulfilled”. The absence of this gratitude in work culture can cost big.

Feeling of isolation

Working from home is much like working on your own. There is little or no communication with colleagues. Lack of networking makes anyone feel isolated. Employees feel that they are just slogging and there’s no one to even check that.

Risks to mental health

A recent article in Voxeu shows that in Japan “the pandemic has been a substantial strain on citizens' mental health, which may have triggered rises in domestic violence”. The report measured the deviations in peoples behavior. Increased anger was commonly reported leading to stress and instability of life.

It’s high time to reboot the system

Leaders should introduce a culture of gratitude and rewards & recognition immediately. While people work from home, leaders must look for new ways to reboot their approach and address the need of the hour.

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