Work from home is the new future - are you game?


The human race, currently jilted and jolted, gapes into a new order of the economic system. The question is not if the economy (and the world) will bounce back, but how will it be back on its feet.

The new world could be a work from the home economy with enormous social distancing between humans. But are we ready?

Excerpts from Business Line (TheHindu)

"A substantial shift to work from home would, however, not be easy. There are aspects of work that require face-to-face interactions. An email, or even a telephonic conversation, does not always capture the nuances of what is sought to be conveyed."

The COVID-19 impact is unimaginable. And it's ongoing. What we can say for sure is that the event will change the way we work. "I don't think we'll go back to the same way we used to operate," Jennifer Christie, chief HR officer at Twitter, told CNBC recently. "I really don't."

Projected challenges

There will be a number of organizational challenges in people management that HR teams across the globe are already facing.

  • Recruitment and onboarding have become difficult.
  • Viral information is a challenge.
  • Hard to measure employee performance.
  • How to negotiate with low motivational levels.
  • How to make work meaningful.

These are all employee engagement challenges that are still in development. To ensure continuity in this difficult time of pandemic and economic recession, organizations need to raise their game plan.

Stepping up the game

It is the duty of organization's to become fluid and change the rules of the games. The HR desk faces a challenge never experienced before. Everyone works in isolation, communication slows down, and the production declines. Absence of physical dialogue forces HR to deliver meaningful work environment in new ways.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and human wisdom together offers tailor-made solutions for most organizations managing work from home.

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